Left/Right LLC contracted Roatan Film to assist with pre-production and source local assistants for our filming of three episodes of the series " Caribbean Life" in Roatan from August 25th to September 12th. We where extremely happy with their local knowledge, services and overall professionalism during the pre-production and production. We would recommend Roatan Film to companies looking to film in Roatan and would happily use them again for our own productions.

Best Regards
Angi Kuhn
Line Producer
Left Right

If you are planning any kind of Film Production in Roatan, Roatan Film is who you want as your local Production Manager. From the beginning when we were arranging a last minute trip from L.A., Roatan Film where available and informative to all of our questions and concerns. They provided insight on everything from location, to transportation to releases. When we say we could not have completed our trip without them, that’s not just Hollywood talk.

Best Regards
Jen Kleinschmidt
Critical Content